The world is full of wonderful cuisines that will satisfy the palate of every foodie. There is so much varying cuisines to discover out there especially in a continent as huge as Europe. If you want to taste authentic cuisines from this amazing place, you need to go to the each of the countries under it. Here is a list of wonderful countries in Europe that have the best cuisine.

  1. France

France is one of the leaders when it comes to international cuisine. A lot of food lovers come to the country often because of the variety of cooking styles and methods found in each region. France is known for their lush, creamy and savory dishes. Also, they also have topnotch wines, being a wine country. From the use of truffles in dishes, cheeses, ducks, and dishes like crepes, every foodie will have a good old time just eating from one region to another.

  1. Italy

Considered the home of pasta and pizza, Italy is well loved by lots of foodies because the cuisine highlights only the freshest local ingredients. Italian food does not only represent taste but the love of family. Lots of the recipes employed by the locals have been passed down from generation to generation. If you want to partake in lots of authentic local fare, you should go for the country’s cured meats, antipasto, cheeses and desserts like tiramisu and cannoli. Then again, flavors and cooking methods differ from one region to another, but wherever you end up in, your tummy will be packed full of nothing but delicious food.

  1. Spain

Spain is another European country with a cuisine that is packed with flavors. The country is famous for its cured meats and dishes like paella and stews. A trip to the country is not full without savoring tapas. Tapas means a selection of hot and cold appetizers ranging from cured meats, cheeses, olives, squid, bread and more. Eating tapas is also considered by the locals as a form of social rendezvous.

  1. England

The country where famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay came from is not only known for its fish and chips. British cuisine is known for having no-frills, down to earth cuisine. This is the place where home cooking rules. Chow down on Scotch eggs, steak and kidney pies, have tea with scones and clotted cream plus enjoy authentic Beef Wellingtons while you are in the area.

  1. Turkey

Turkey is a mix of the traditional and the modern. The dishes in this country come with flavors that are refined and pure, only made from the freshest of local ingredients. The local cuisine is not as complicated as the French, but it is still flavorful without being dredged in intricate sauces and spices. If you are fond of lamb, eggplant, grains and grilled meats, you will immensely enjoy what Turkey has to offer in terms of flavor.

  1. Greece

Greek food is not only limited to the famous souvlaki or gyro. In this area, you will discover that the country has a vast array of dishes that you can try out. Enjoy flavorful seafood, cheeses and meat-based dishes and follow everything down with a nice dessert wine like Muscat and you will be set for life.


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