Newly married couples embarking on their honeymoon want to be in a beautiful place. One of the best options for such events is Europe and its bustling countries. Many couples often visit the area because of the vast cultures, attractions, and traditions it offers.

There are lots of European countries that can give couples the honeymoon of a lifetime. There are so many options that it can get confusing just to choose which countries to go for. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations the continent can provide.


  • France


France is the inevitable choice for many. Many people consider this as the most romantic place on earth. Paris, the City of Lights, is a frequent destination due to its abundance of attractions. The place offers excellent shopping, the best cuisine, amazing architecture, and art.

Another must-visit for couples is, of course, the French Riviera. It is located in the southern part of the country. Drop by Nice, Marseille or St. Tropez for a taste of France’s beach life.


  • Greece


If island hopping is more your speed, then you should not miss this country. Greece is the go-to spot for couples who want to relax in excellent accommodations, see wonderful nature attractions, eat delicious food and just partake in the jovial atmosphere the country is known for.

Several popular tourist spots include islands like Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini. These islands are also must-visits if you want someplace warm and surrounded by water. You will witness beautiful blue skies and landmark White Grecian houses.

If you and your significant other want to witness stuff of legends, do not forget to visit Athens. The country capital and its gathering of ancient culture will satisfy history and mythology buffs.


  • Spain


Spain is another popular option for couples who want to enjoy a rich and colorful culture and warm weather. Experience what the country has to offer, and your European tour will shine like no other. The country presents wonderful beaches with golden sands and the promise of relaxing warm Mediterranean waters. Visit beautiful cities like Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Its culture is a mix of the old and new, and the cuisine is one of the most flavorful and delicious in the world.


  • Italy


Italy is another excellent spot for honeymooners. Venice especially is a frequent option because, like Paris, it offers couples the romantic experience they crave. The country is known for its beauty, rich history, flavorful cuisine and fiery culture. People are always awed and appreciate the laid back atmosphere and charming, hospitable ways of its locals.

Venice is rife with canals so do not forget their gondola rides. The narrow cobblestone streets and teeming squares are not only Instagram fodder, but they are also great spots for a romantic walk with your loved one. Couples should also check out nearby Tuscany is they want to be completely swayed by the amazing Italian countryside, wonderful cuisine, and great weather.

This brief list captures the attractions that made those European countries a must-visit for any traveling couple. Remember those places and your travels will not only be filled with love but with culture and traditions as well.


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