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A few of my favorite places to travel in Europe

When a person decides to travel someplace, they usually know exactly where they’re going to visit. And unless that person is a backpacking world traveler, they usually don’t say, “I’m going to travel the entire United States (or Asia, South America, etc).” However, when it comes to travelling to Europe, things are a little bit different. Europe is a smaller continent with a lot of access to high-speed transit. Because of this, it is not impossible for someone to say that they want to travel across Europe—actually, that is a very common feat for tourists. Many travel packages to Europe and even school field trips to Europe have a widespread itinerary of sights to see and places to travel spanning multiple countries. It is harder to do that someplace like the United Sates because of the lack of intercontinental high-speed travel. So, if you are making the decision to head out to Europe, what places should you mark on your map? Let’s find out.

Top travel spots in Europe

Rome, Italy is one of the most well known cities in the world. It is a city of extensive history and mythological significance and is the capital of Italy itself. Whether one is interested in historical landmarks or amazing local cuisine, both can be found in abundance in this city. If you decide to travel to Rome, make sure to check out the Pantheon and its architectural wonder or the Colosseum for the historical excellence of the biggest amphitheater ever created. Rome is also a city known for providing the best of the best Italian cuisine, so if historical sightseeing isn’t your thing on your travels, there is still much to experience.

London, located in the United Kingdom’s Great Britain, is another hotspot to travel to when in Europe. Home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, this city should be among the top places to visit when deciding on places to go in Europe. With sights such as the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster or the famous Buckingham Palace and its well-known guards, there is much to see in this city that blends old and new.


Of course, what list of European places to visit would be complete without mentioning Paris, France? If you are planning to travel to Europe, make sure to add the City of Lights to your list. Besides its most well known structure, the Eiffel Tower, Paris is also one of the biggest homes of fashion and art and excellent food. The nightlife is also applauded, as the whole city sparkles with activity making the night seem as if it never needs to end.


The list of places to travel to here does not cover all of the exciting, beautiful, and historic cities one should visit when touring through Europe. Every country has its share of historical landmarks, local cuisine, and tourist must-see attractions. There is no end to the Europe experience as soon as you step foot on the continent. Travel there and see for yourself! Questions before embarking on your European vacation? Visit my contact form here!

Traveling Europe | A guide to one of the most Beautiful Countries to Travel

Why You Are Going to LOVE Traveling Europe!

I am an American and I have lived in the USA for my ENTIRE life. I am VERY proud to be an American, but I also love to adventure and explore new things. Exploration and adventure are so vital to my happiness. My favorite place by far to explore is all of the countries in Europe.  Life is so different than in America, with public transit being so much nicer and people a little friendlier. Europe is so beautiful to travel all times of the year that you can literally take an adventure there ANY time and there will be no negative to your vacation. Many places, there are times of the year that are better to go, but no with Europe, nope! Just grab a plane ticket from one of the major airlines (or if your like me, try to get your fiend to take you in their private plane) pack a small bag, and get your little but over there and enjoy your self!

a beautiful picture of a street in rome

Are you ready to hop on a flight and head to Rome yet, after seeing this picture? Well, you should be because it is probably my MOST favorite place in all of Europe and I will probably be covering a lot of Rome.

Anyways, if you are planning a vacation to Europe and have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email on my contact us form and I will get back with you how ever I can. Looking forward to starring this journey of exploring Europe with you and getting feedback from my readers!