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The Excitement and Abundance of Flavors in Diverse European Cuisines

The world is full of wonderful cuisines that will satisfy the palate of every foodie. There is so much varying cuisines to discover out there especially in a continent as huge as Europe. If you want to taste authentic cuisines from this amazing place, you need to go to the each of the countries under it. Here is a list of wonderful countries in Europe that have the best cuisine.

  1. France

France is one of the leaders when it comes to international cuisine. A lot of food lovers come to the country often because of the variety of cooking styles and methods found in each region. France is known for their lush, creamy and savory dishes. Also, they also have topnotch wines, being a wine country. From the use of truffles in dishes, cheeses, ducks, and dishes like crepes, every foodie will have a good old time just eating from one region to another.

  1. Italy

Considered the home of pasta and pizza, Italy is well loved by lots of foodies because the cuisine highlights only the freshest local ingredients. Italian food does not only represent taste but the love of family. Lots of the recipes employed by the locals have been passed down from generation to generation. If you want to partake in lots of authentic local fare, you should go for the country’s cured meats, antipasto, cheeses and desserts like tiramisu and cannoli. Then again, flavors and cooking methods differ from one region to another, but wherever you end up in, your tummy will be packed full of nothing but delicious food.

  1. Spain

Spain is another European country with a cuisine that is packed with flavors. The country is famous for its cured meats and dishes like paella and stews. A trip to the country is not full without savoring tapas. Tapas means a selection of hot and cold appetizers ranging from cured meats, cheeses, olives, squid, bread and more. Eating tapas is also considered by the locals as a form of social rendezvous.

  1. England

The country where famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay came from is not only known for its fish and chips. British cuisine is known for having no-frills, down to earth cuisine. This is the place where home cooking rules. Chow down on Scotch eggs, steak and kidney pies, have tea with scones and clotted cream plus enjoy authentic Beef Wellingtons while you are in the area.

  1. Turkey

Turkey is a mix of the traditional and the modern. The dishes in this country come with flavors that are refined and pure, only made from the freshest of local ingredients. The local cuisine is not as complicated as the French, but it is still flavorful without being dredged in intricate sauces and spices. If you are fond of lamb, eggplant, grains and grilled meats, you will immensely enjoy what Turkey has to offer in terms of flavor.

  1. Greece

Greek food is not only limited to the famous souvlaki or gyro. In this area, you will discover that the country has a vast array of dishes that you can try out. Enjoy flavorful seafood, cheeses and meat-based dishes and follow everything down with a nice dessert wine like Muscat and you will be set for life.


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Train Pass Tips to Keep in Mind When Doing the European Rounds

European countries are a constant favorite of every savvy traveler. The continent has lots to offer in terms of culture and beautiful spots. Whether you want to check out exquisite grape orchards in Italy, look at wonderful Moorish art in Spain or visit the Louvre in gay Paree, you can advance through each country with a nice travel package.

It is easy to see why traveling throughout the continent is a breeze for many tourists. This is due to the fact that train tracks interweave the whole of the continent. These train tracks are used every day by high-speed trains that transport both locals and tourists. Trains bring the entire European continent conjoined wonderfully. Also, the passes for the trains have remained reasonably priced too.

Choosing a Proper Pass

There are lots of different Euro train passes that tourists can choose from. In fact, due to the abundance of choices, it can be confusing which of those passes will fit your needs. You have to consider some factors when choosing a train pass.

  • Your travel days

First, you need to decide the length of your travel days. Train passes are on hand in some diverse lengths. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and preferences. Get a rail pass that comes with the number of travel days it will require to complete your trip.

  • Period of stay

Decide whether you want to remain in just one country for a longer time or travel each country in a shorter length of time. A standard European rail pass provides travel all over the continent. There are also lots of countries that give their own rail passes that are suitable only within the boundaries of the said country. Travelers who want to stay in just one country might choose a country pass. Single country passes are an affordable means for tourists who want to drop by several cities and towns in just one destination.

  • Decide on the spots you want to visit the most

If you are an early bird traveler who books in advance, it makes absolute sense to purchase a Euro rail pass in the promptest period possible. However, if you are a spontaneous traveler, you can opt to buy passes as soon as you arrive in the country. Buying passes while in the area can give travelers extra versatility for last-minute travel decisions.

  • Check if you are eligible for certain discounts

There might be discounts that students and military members can take advantage of. You can ask for any deals for which you might be eligible for. There are lots of deals on hand for both single country, and multiple country passes. Taking advantage of these offers make for a more affordable Euro trip.

Preparedness for a trip will always result to travel that you will enjoy, appreciate and remember for the rest of your life. Get the best airline and rail deals with a bit of research. Thanks to Europe’s tourism board, traveling inside the continent is made easier and more affordable at this time.



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Reasons Why You Need That European Vacation Now

Do you want to make your travel dreams a reality? While there are lots of places to choose from, nothing still beats a Euro trip. There are lots of praise given to the continent and the countries composing it—the wonderful attractions, natural sights, sounds and colorful culture make the continent one of the most interesting spots in the world. Here are reasons why you need to plan that European vacay now.

  1. There are many European vacation packages that will take care of the details for you, like basic accommodations and travel arrangements. You won’t need to deal with all the tiring work because these agencies will manage it for you.

Check out different travel agencies online and see which among them have vacation packages that will prove suitable for your needs. Places as vast as Europe need planning and organization, and it will help loads if you entail the help of travel agencies.

  1. Europe has plenty of amazing countries, each with their own culture and attractions. Thus if you want to know which of these places you need to visit first, you need to do your research. Europe is a diverse location, so it is ideal that you hit the guides first because it will make traveling around it easier for you. Check out guides online for ideas, and you can also hit up traditional hard copy travel guides for information about each country’s hottest attractions.
  2. It is a great place if you want to learn how to speak in different languages. While there are many people who can speak English in places like Germany, Holland and Scandinavian countries, few locals in places like Spain, Italy, and Greece are familiar with the universal language. Thus if you are serious about mastering your Spanish or French, Europe is the way to go.
  3. Traveling all around Europe is more affordable these days, thanks to rail passes and hostels scattered around the continent. However, if you really want to make your stay as cost-effective as possible, you need to do a good deal of planning. Be ready to be flexible if you want to travel on a budget.
  4. Smaller towns and rural areas around the continent are just as lovely as its big-city counterparts. And they will further expose you to the local culture too. Furthermore, out of the way places are also generally more affordable. Then again, you have to hit sites online first to know more about such areas.

A vacation in such a famous area like Europe can provide the experiences and memories you want to gather. However, always be prepared to be flexible. Also, it pays to try out something new if you are in a foreign place. Your stay in Europe will be a lot more meaningful and colorful if you will try to get out of the usual. Enjoy as much as you can and take in each country’s culture, and you will go home blessed with wonderful memories. And don’t forget to take lots of pics!


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Affordable European Travel Can Be a Reality

Europe has so much to offer when it comes to sights, sounds, and culture. Every country in the continent has lots of beautiful spots and activities to offer. This is the reason why millions go to countries under the European banner like Spain, Switzerland, and France, to name a few. During the peak seasons, the countries plan out specific programs for tourists, which makes traveling even more affordable.

In fact, lots of travel agencies and airlines now compete with each other by offering the best deals in travel and accommodations. Here are some suggestions that you might be interested in if you want to travel Europe in the most cost-effective ways possible.

  1. Begin by checking out a number of travel agencies and look for special discounted deals. The most popular agencies that frequent travelers keep track of are the likes of Virgin Express and Sky Europe. These agencies though differ when it comes to the services and features they provide. Check out their sites to gather more information about air travel packages.

You have to keep in mind that availability of tickets differs per country. Accessibility will also vary in terms of the seasons. Therefore, it is best if you keep checking in order to get a good deal.

  1. Another great way to cut costs for a Euro travel is to discover cheaper airfare by means of discount carriers within the continent. You can check our Cheap Flights or Easy Jet for more information. Several of these carriers will allow travelers to fly the continent for just a hundred dollars for each flight. If you want to discover more affordable flights between different European destinations, you can search for it in The travel agencies mentioned are very popular with the tourist crowd and have a solid foundation in the industry.
  2. Make sure to book your flight in advance so other arrangements will be up and rolling. If you need to take last-minute chance passenger flights, only do it for local travels. If you want to go to Europe for the Christmas season, make sure to book roughly 3-4 months in advance. It is a fact that when the peak season closes in, all airlines begin increasing flight rates and in December, flight tickets can be really expensive.

Booking international tickets is an easy task. All you need to do is talk to one of those travel agencies mentioned earlier. You can get in touch with them directly and get a booking or send them an email for more information. These sites are quick and dependable. They are capable of giving travelers with current information when it comes to budget-friendly European airfare active airlines.

Keep those suggestions in mind especially if you are a first-time traveler. Jetting from one place to another especially in European countries can be a bothersome task so plan in advance, get those essentials down pat, always remember to book early and you will get by. Do not forget to stock up on pictures and videos of the trip and always create beautiful memories while you are there.


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Euro Travel Top Hot Spots

If you are after beautiful sights and endless cultural appreciation, there is no place but Europe for you. However, you might be wary of the expenses involved in planning a European journey. Do not worry though because many travel agencies now offer discounted deals through travel packages that will allow you to discover most countries in the continent. To make jetting off to the area more practical, here is a list of the places you should visit. Take a look at this itinerary to have a taste of what Europe has to offer.

  1. Berlin, Germany

The area is not only known for being a landmark of the World War II era, but it is also a representation of the mistakes that should never, ever be repeated. Do not be mistaken though because this is the city you should visit if you like a bustling nightlife. The city has lots of museums, restaurants and other sights that you should check out.

  1. Athens, Greece

Greece is known as the cradle of civilization. To this day, the country is rife with tourists and travel regulars who go back to the country for its wonderful sights. If you are a freak for Greek mythology, this is the area you should not miss. The Parthenon and temples dedicated to Greek gods are sights you should not forget.

  1. Amsterdam, Holland

If you think of Holland, you think of tulips, children in wooden shoes, lacy headwear and dams. While you might not witness people wearing old-style wooden shoes in the area anymore other than museums, Amsterdam is the city for you if you are after excellent architectural sights. This is also the place if you want to sight see while riding boats.

  1. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Switzerland is not only known for their cheeses and chocolates, but they are also famous for their mountains. The Alps are considered to be one of the world’s best attractions. There are many activities you can do here, from sightseeing, skiing, and trekking when the weather allows.

  1. Venice, Italy

Venice is known for its beauty and romantic atmosphere that is why apart from Paris, it is a city that is often frequented by couples and newly married sweethearts on their honeymoon. Other than its attractions, do not miss riding its famed gondolas.

  1. London, England

Always add London to your itinerary if you want a grand tour of the continent. The place of famous royalty, the country is known for attractions like the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Kensington Gardens, Abbey Road, Tate Modern, the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, the Tower Bridge and more. London is also the home of several rock ‘n roll subcultures like punk rock and goth, and its influence can be seen in places like Camden.

  1. Moscow, Russia

In spite of a lengthy Communist rule, lots of indications of the said period can still be seen on Moscow. If you want to see amazing Eastern European architecture, you will find them here.

  1. The French Riviera

When it comes to glamour and prestige, the French Riviera is the spot where the rich and famous converge. You can go for a golden tan in Nice’s beachfront or enjoy the nightlife in Monte Carlo.



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Europe Traveler Tips to Remember

Traveling is a great way to know cultures outside of your own. One of the most popular destinations people often flock to is Europe. The continent is composed of exciting countries, each with their own culture you need to discover and appreciate. Traveling can be a tiring and mind-numbing activity though if you did not plan well in advance. Here are some basic tips you should keep to heart if you want your tours throughout the continent enjoyable, safe and free from hassles.

Start with travel options

It is easier to travel the entire continent at this point. There are plenty of options that avid travelers can consider before embarking on a trip. Tourists can opt for buses, Eurostar flights, Eurostar trains, ferries and even caravans and cars. However, if you want the best deal, you can also pick traveling by Eurostar, which many expert travelers recommend.

There are sites in which you can acquire the best air, train or concert tickets. You have to remember though that you need to pre-book tickets as prompt as you can so you can avail of early bird discounts. This will allow you to save up on traveling expenses so you can further splurge on other pursuits.

Make memories and record them

Many people often forget to bring a quality camera or video cam for the trip. A nice smartphone with excellent specifications to capture special moments and views is also great for travel. It is impractical if you purchase a new camera or phone in Europe when you already have on back at home. So remember to pack a digital camera or video camera along with other traveling essentials.

Make sure to tote along chargeable batteries and a universal power converter device as well. See to it that it is a universal model since plug points vary from Europe. No one wants to be stuck with a phone or camera that cannot be charged.

Have a place to stay

Your accommodations for the trip need to be planned in advance. If you want to travel on the cheap, you can check out universities all over the continent which lets visitors stay and will charge fees that are lower compared to prices seen in hotels. You can also look for sites that offer discounted deals on accommodations.

If you are booking for accommodations, remember to look for deals that come with complimentary breakfasts or dinners. This will help you reduce expenses for the Euro trip.

Take health precautions

While traveling, it is always wise to drink only bottled or mineral water. This will reduce your chances of acquiring diseases while on the go. Take with you indispensable medicines since some medications will not be accessible in the majority of countries or will require a prescription. Furthermore, it will also help if you undergo some vaccinations for certain diseases.

Other Essentials

Make sure to bring with you an umbrella, a small flashlight and a handy dictionary of the country’s language. If you have a smartphone, you can avail of apps that focus on languages. This will make traveling throughout every Euro destination less wearisome on your part. Also, check out the traffic rules of countries you plan to visit since the rules differ with each country.


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Traveling in Barcelona, Spain!

When people think about travelling to Europe, there are a few countries and cities that instantly come to mind. They are the ones always gracing the big screen for the top places characters tend to travel. London in Great Britain; Paris in France; Rome in Italy… many people can even visualize the biggest tourist attractions located in those places. There are no fences in between cities! But what other cities should be part of this list of must travel-to places? Europe is a small continent with many countries and cities of interest, so don’t be afraid to stray a bit from the most typical places to travel to and check out this one city in particular for a guaranteed good travel experience.


Barcelona in Spain is a top tourist attraction for many people travelling to this beautiful country, and it should be a top point to head out to when you are planning your trip in Europe. Barcelona is thought of as a city of romance—with its beautiful music, culture, and language, how could you not be serenaded by all that Barcelona has to offer? It is also one of those fascinating cities that manages to have a healthy mix of historical sites and architecture combined with places of modern interest. Everywhere one walks one can see the beauty of the leftover eras in the design of structure of the surrounding buildings. However, if you’ve had your fill of sightseeing for the day and want to have a more modern nightlife experience, there are many ways and places to do that.

Barcelona is home to some of the most exciting places of nightlife that one can travel to. Like other metropolitan hubs of activity, Barcelona is also known as a city that never goes to sleep and where the party continues all night long. Clubbing in the city and on the beachside is a wild experience in this city, as these clubs tend to be open till the wee hours of the morning and do not even become busy until 1am or 2am. There are also many opportunities to get in free, have a reduced entry rate, or get a special deal on drinks if you go at certain times, certain days, or with specific flyers that may be handed out or found around the city.


If the clubbing nightlife is not your scene, or you traveled to Barcelona with your family, there are still many activities available to be enjoyed besides sightseeing. Children and adults alike can find day-long fun at the Tibidabo amusement park (better for small children), the PortAventura theme park, or if getting wet is not an issue, the Illa Fantasia water park. And if those are too exciting for your travels, there are many great walking and natural parks and beaches that can be enjoyed.


The next time you are planning your trip to Europe, keep in mind that Barcelona is a truly exciting and beautiful city to travel to. All that is to offer here is worth the visit for the lifelong memories. I have been to Barcelona 100 times and I would love to answer all of your questions.
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Going to Europe – Day 1

Hello, I’m a current college student  making this blog about my study abroad trip to Europe. So, I will be writing all about my crazy adventures around Europe!
Sorry I did not get to post this sooner, but atleast I am now! I have found so many amazing places in Europe and can not wait to share with you!

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A few of my favorite places to travel in Europe

When a person decides to travel someplace, they usually know exactly where they’re going to visit. And unless that person is a backpacking world traveler, they usually don’t say, “I’m going to travel the entire United States (or Asia, South America, etc).” However, when it comes to travelling to Europe, things are a little bit different. Europe is a smaller continent with a lot of access to high-speed transit. Because of this, it is not impossible for someone to say that they want to travel across Europe—actually, that is a very common feat for tourists. Many travel packages to Europe and even school field trips to Europe have a widespread itinerary of sights to see and places to travel spanning multiple countries. It is harder to do that someplace like the United Sates because of the lack of intercontinental high-speed travel. So, if you are making the decision to head out to Europe, what places should you mark on your map? Let’s find out.

Top travel spots in Europe

Rome, Italy is one of the most well known cities in the world. It is a city of extensive history and mythological significance and is the capital of Italy itself. Whether one is interested in historical landmarks or amazing local cuisine, both can be found in abundance in this city. If you decide to travel to Rome, make sure to check out the Pantheon and its architectural wonder or the Colosseum for the historical excellence of the biggest amphitheater ever created. Rome is also a city known for providing the best of the best Italian cuisine, so if historical sightseeing isn’t your thing on your travels, there is still much to experience.

London, located in the United Kingdom’s Great Britain, is another hotspot to travel to when in Europe. Home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, this city should be among the top places to visit when deciding on places to go in Europe. With sights such as the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster or the famous Buckingham Palace and its well-known guards, there is much to see in this city that blends old and new.


Of course, what list of European places to visit would be complete without mentioning Paris, France? If you are planning to travel to Europe, make sure to add the City of Lights to your list. Besides its most well known structure, the Eiffel Tower, Paris is also one of the biggest homes of fashion and art and excellent food. The nightlife is also applauded, as the whole city sparkles with activity making the night seem as if it never needs to end.


The list of places to travel to here does not cover all of the exciting, beautiful, and historic cities one should visit when touring through Europe. Every country has its share of historical landmarks, local cuisine, and tourist must-see attractions. There is no end to the Europe experience as soon as you step foot on the continent. Travel there and see for yourself! Questions before embarking on your European vacation? Visit my contact form here!

Traveling Europe | A guide to one of the most Beautiful Countries to Travel

Why You Are Going to LOVE Traveling Europe!

I am an American and I have lived in the USA for my ENTIRE life. I am VERY proud to be an American, but I also love to adventure and explore new things. Exploration and adventure are so vital to my happiness. My favorite place by far to explore is all of the countries in Europe.  Life is so different than in America, with public transit being so much nicer and people a little friendlier. Europe is so beautiful to travel all times of the year that you can literally take an adventure there ANY time and there will be no negative to your vacation. Many places, there are times of the year that are better to go, but no with Europe, nope! Just grab a plane ticket from one of the major airlines (or if your like me, try to get your fiend to take you in their private plane) pack a small bag, and get your little but over there and enjoy your self!

a beautiful picture of a street in rome

Are you ready to hop on a flight and head to Rome yet, after seeing this picture? Well, you should be because it is probably my MOST favorite place in all of Europe and I will probably be covering a lot of Rome.

Anyways, if you are planning a vacation to Europe and have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email on my contact us form and I will get back with you how ever I can. Looking forward to starring this journey of exploring Europe with you and getting feedback from my readers!